8 Blind Assumptions We Are Taught To Believe (Pt. 2)

2. Work needs to be 9am – 5pm
Who would like the freedom to spend more time with their friends and family if they needed to? Being forced to work 7.5 hour days is designed to keep machine operators running machines at a maximum capacity and is a direct import from the out-of-date industrial revolution. Many of the modern jobs and technological advancements now mean we do not need to be held in the office from 9am to 5pm. This blind assumption is optimised for yesterdays story and has little to do with effective utilisation of human resources, our freedom and or living a healthy balanced life.

Working more than 7 hours in a day without choice does not leave enough space in the day to be with our family if they are sick, to care about the planet, for creative expression to be explored and or to truly have alone time for ourselves. If we want to create a more sustainable future for our planet, we as intelligent humans will first need the time to actually think about the planet.

Under the current assumption, most of our intelligent minds are completely consumed in 9am – 5pm working endeavours. Coming home from a hard day at work leaves most people emotionally and intellectually drained and the last thing they can think about is donating their intelligence to redesigning our future.

Like when we used to farm our own land, having the choice over the number of hours we work in the month should be a human right. We should finish work with enough energy and time in the day to pursue activities greater than those of direct financial gain. Some of the most vital questions for today and tomorrows future need to be asked after work has finished.

Possible Action Steps: Jokingly talk to other staff about the idea of working less hours, if accepted by others create a secret facebook group under an alias facebook profile, create and sign an online petition with the desired change in hours, organise and speak to the management as a unified voice. Look at building ethical residual income streams and leave your old 9 to 5 job in the past. Start your own business providing value to others in a way that ignites your passion and maintains a greater level of personal freedom. Find another job that’s more flexible with work hours and the consideration of your health, freedom & life.


3rd blind assumption here


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