8 Blind Assumptions We Are Taught To Believe (Pt. 1)

How much of our daily interaction is based on blind assumptions passed down to us from yesterdays story? How many times have you consciously questioned your own fundamentals? How often do you consciously pave a new path of personal discovery to re-write your own understanding of the cultural operating system? If there’s anything I’ve uncovered by personally questioning the envelope it’s that many of yesterdays assumptions we’ve been taught to exchange our lives for are outdated, inappropriate and unsustainable for today and tomorrow’s future.

The longer we live without questioning the fundamentals, the bigger the bubble gets and the greater the long term consequences. So as a way of addressing the elephant in the room I’m going to open discussion around 8 blind assumptions we are taught to believe that I think are holding many of us back. You’ve no doubt noticed a lot more and I’d love to know what you’ve noticed.

1. Our Human Value is Measured in Physical Possessions
The endlessly enforced game of chasing infinitely more money and more physical ‘things’ to prove our worth to the world is an illusion we’ve been taught to exchange our lives, money and freedom for. True wealth is not determined by money or the number of flashy products in our homes. Wealth is a dynamic human experience and has more to do with the value we provide to others, the level of love, trust and respect we have amongst our community, our freedom of time, our education, our health and by how much we increase the quality of life of others. What determines true human value to you? If you think deeply about it, does having the car, boat, new clothes, sports watch or house make a difference?

It’s incredibly hard to breathe this idea as advertising, marketing & many businesses thrive on the idea of constantly selling us more. Gaining forever more money and products as the companies demand of us is far from logical for ourselves and the planet. If we’re working 9 – 5 trying to build more material wealth to pay back debt for ourselves every week, we’re exactly where somebody else want us to be. Scared of never having enough, dependent and in a life of financial bondage. This is not an evil scheme created by the large corporations, it is an unconscious maximisation of our cultural programming. The sooner we’re able to realise our value is more about human connection and value provided to others, the sooner we’re able to set ourselves free from the self-imposed shackles of valuing our lives in material goods.

POSSIBLE ACTION STEPS: Realise where you’re actually at, sell up and move to a place you can live without a mortgage. Consider being more resourceful rather than accumulating more resources. Start considering your own freedom of time and quality of social connections as part of your wealth.



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