2014: A Powerful Year in Review

BAM! 2014 hit faster and harder than any year i’ve ever been involved in before. I’ve had butterflies for life racing through my deepest being and it feels as if i’ve gone through a powerful metamorphosis. An evolutionary unlocking of self that has allowed myself and many others to jump deep into the unknown territories of removing the mask of judgement in public.

Each and every step has led me to each and every next step of expansion through the new territory. A cosmic laser-beam focus on the task at hand…to demonstrate and share through living example new worlds of social freedom. We will continue to provide experiential proof that a new future built on love and connection amongst humanity is much stronger & more sustainable than one built on fear and distrust.

In essence we’ve been taking the mask of fear and judgement off in public, speaking and dancing our deepest truth and providing the opportunity for others to also experience life in public without the need for the mask. Our multi-ethnic, multi-matured family tribe gives permission to others in the area to also be themselves without the worry of judgement.

In a single year we’ve provided more than 50 video examples of new social paradigm shifts that promote the expression of love & truth in public. More than 5 million views combined on facebook and youtube worldwide. One of our most successful examples of this can be seen here when we turn a train into a moving dance party.

The big question i’d like to ask humanity is, Who actually takes the future sustainability of our mother, the Earth as a personal responsibility?


In name of creating a more sustainable future for all beings on this planet I have dedicated my life to opening gateways of loving, unified enlightenment to occur. I stand up not so that everyone can follow, but so that everyone can stand for their own calling to our mother. All 7 billion of us have a role to play when it comes to restoring our mothers health. We CURRENTLY live in the generation where we are being called upon to care for her.


I’ve had people from all over the world emailing, sharing and starting conversations around the idea of becoming the change we would like to see more of in the world. Friends, sustainable organisations & tribes of people have been rising up across the planet representing. People here in Perth have been transforming themselves into pure, loving and awoken beams of respected light. The results over the past year have been truly life changing.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 9.43.26 pm

Similar to the Good Vibrations movement, I have not forced or pushed The Liberator movement and it yet it has also grown exponentially, we’ve been approached by Google & Vice Magazine to have an animation made after us. The Daily Mail, Huffington PostYahooMashableBuzzfeed, The Guardian and others from all over the world have written stories & and this is only just the beginning!

We’ve danced for freedom in the local fountain

We’ve empowered 100’s of high-school students with a loving and unified dance of freedom.

We’ve transformed an entire street into a mega bohemian rhapsody musical at the Beaufort Street Festival.

We’ve unified 1000’s of gay, straight, transexual, bi & lesbian with our very special opening performance at the Pride Parade in November.

We’ve hijacked a busy department store sound system

We’ve moved 1000’s of hearts and souls during the Light It Up Leederville Carnival.


Magic has been occurring here on a relatively frequent basis and all I want to say is that 2014 has personally been the most powerful year to date and I thank all of you for trusting and being an active part in that. Each and every time you tell a story from what’s been happening with your friends and family, share an article on your page, participate in a public act of freedom you increase the effectiveness of our message. Together we are moving humanity into higher heights of consciousness, creating more momentum, more love & more freedom. 2015, I look forward to sharing more universal energy with you.

Much love,

Peter Sharp
0449 084 544
Founder of the Liberator Movement


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