Why I Do What I Do

Whilst out on the rocky outcrops on a distant farm in the heart of India I made a very important promise to myself. I promised that I was going to give my greatest gift to this world and do everything that was required to make it a daily act of giving. It took me 5 years of deep conscious searching through the shadows of the unknown to discover it, I wasn’t about to throw it away to the wind the moment I found it.


Looking back on Pete 5 years ago I realise how incredibly lost and unsure I was. This realisation only became clear after discovering my gift 5 years later. The catch twenty-two of living in todays modern society is that we’re pressured to ‘know what we’re doing’ the moment we finish school so we pretend to know what we’re doing without feeling our hearts burn with passion. An illusion of appearing like we know what we’re doing without properly doing our own life research is like sitting when an owner asks it’s dog to sit, we do what we do because we are externally rewarded for it from our society/family/friends expectations.


I was lucky to have my family trust and encourage me with the responsibility of self discovery during which I realised I had much more to give this world than what was expected of me. What could I bring that nobody had ever seen or done before? What could I bring as a gift that provided value to the others? How could my existence become something that was constantly moving myself and others closer to the idea of creating a sustainable future for ourselves and our children? How could I harness my life of experience to create something tangible for others to share, learn and grow from?

pablo-picasso copy

My gift is uniting humanity through shared experiences of play, dance, music and love. Each and every challenge of doubt along my journey was required to get me here to realise this on a fundamental level.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 3.18.13 pm

This is my soul calling to this planet, it fires me up beyond belief, I see how people respond when I share it with them, I inspire, I transform, we share, we grow and we love.

The moment you truly realise why you’ve been placed onto this planet you will do everything in your ability to give it away.


11 thoughts on “Why I Do What I Do

  1. This is soooo inspiring … and simple… and brilliant!
    Who doesn’t need more … fun, connection, love … and goofiness!
    Thank you!
    and keep on …
    bustin’ a move …
    and inviting folks to crack a smile ..
    .. and open their hearts
    to the person sitting next to them

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