Warning: The Following >>Thought<< May Offend

What would you do if beef was called Cow Flesh in the supermarket? Is it through disassociation that we feel more able to consume the body of another animal? I’m no vegetarian but it’s certainly got me thinking!


This I believe is also true of the way we consume our planet. As long as we don’t hear or know about what our actions are actually doing, it doesn’t hurt our sense of self…We are disconnected consumers of a system that is often raping our mother from behind our backs.

“Lowest prices are just the beginning” is a famous slogan used by an Australian hardware chain which is great for getting the public to buy products but what they fail to mention is that in order to provide “the lowest prices” they must first crush another countries economy, work force and land in order to maximise their own. We don’t hear about the slave labour and toxic chemicals used to create the products or the large business deal that was made without any feasible option for the supplier.


I understand much of it’s about self preservation and ‘playing the game the best we can’, but haven’t we surpassed this way of thinking in recognising that maximising is no longer the major priority of our planet?

This video changed my perspective on the subject drastically, i’d love to hear your opinion!


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