7 Simple Ways of Finding Peace in Everyday

On the UN international day of peace I realised one very important thing. We do not need to wait until an international day to represent peace in our everyday existence. This led me to explore how I might be able to express the gesture of peace in my everyday behaviour so here’s a simple list of 7 ideas that come to mind.

Recognise Others on a Deeper Level
It’s easy to brush past people we might not ever see again but it drastically changes the quality of interaction the moment we take a second longer to look into the eyes and recognise the other persons existence on a deeper level.

Shake Hands
It is common for people who are ‘physically different’ and or from a ‘different class’ not to shake hands. Disabled people, minority groups, lower waged people, higher waged people often subconsciously avoid shaking hands with one another. Consciously choosing to show our physical trust with a simple handshake is grounding and sends a powerful message of peace.

Start Harmless Conversation in Public
Holding my phone out in public is a way of outwardly saying that I’ve accepted reality as it is and I have no ability to do anything about it. I can actively change that and represent a message of peace, trust and respect by starting friendly and authentically interesting conversation with another person. If I can tell the other person is not in the mood for conversation I will respect that and not take it personally. I will at least try.


A Smile is a Donation
Each and every time we give out an authentic smile to another individual they feel a subconscious and conscious reward. Smiles are hardwired signals that represent trust, love and affection. When we smile, we open the possibility for becoming friends.


Provide Hugs when ever Appropriate
Greeting friends and or family feels better and more authentic when combined with a hug. Men might have difficulties overcoming the social stereotypes preventing the outward expression of this in public but I guarantee you, just like jumping from a bungee. It’s a rush at first and then you become more comfortable and enriched by it.


Use the Word Love
This simple combination of letters is a powerful gateway to authentic human connection and relation. It doesn’t even need to be directed at the individual, it can be as subtle as saying “I love the way you decided to meet your friend in hospital the other week”. We don’t need to be blasting it around left right and centre, but we must not fear using it in our everyday.

Hands Out
The act of hiding and or concealing a part of our hands is an outward sign of insecurity and distrust. When approaching people we do not know in foreign and or neutral land it’s polite to walk with our hands out of our pockets open and in sight for others to see. With my hands out i’m actively sending a physical message to say I have nothing to hide from you.

I’m not going to lie in saying that I do this all the time, but I am now more conscious and aware of the ways in which I am able to start representing peace in the everyday. Can you think of any others?

2 thoughts on “7 Simple Ways of Finding Peace in Everyday

  1. Just saw your recent video on the London underground getting people to dance. Really enjoyed it. Congratulations on your efforts to promote peace in the world. Raising consciousness is the only way to change society for the better. Are you aware of Maharishi’s work to teach 1% of the world’s population to meditate. The collective benefits of group meditation have been well documented and published in peer reviewed literature. The scientific research on transcendental meditation shows reduced crime and anti social behaviour.
    Here are a couple of links you might find useful.

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