Living by Giving through India (Ch. 28 – Things Have Changed)


Along the way to Ananda’s land we meet a relatively friendly large woman. I have no idea what they are talking about until later when Ananda tells me she is the village prostitute asking for sex. He says she is not very well respected by the people but he would take the time to speak with her. She lives alone in the construction area and I imagine it’s pretty lonely at the best of times. This video shows that moment.

As we’re walking home we make plans for tomorrow and decide we’re going to take the motorbike out to see the countryside and purchase a train ticket to my next destination of Mysore in the morning. We arrive home not long after and we spend the night sleeping on the concrete floor with his entire family. Ananda, his wife, his son and his uncle all side by side in the living room. Moments before sleep are practically the only time I have to myself, the rest of the time my mind is buzzing a million miles an hour trying to interact, share and be with who ever is with me. Thoughts of my privilege run through my tired mind as the concrete slab aligns my spine.

We wake up just before the sun rises and collect his friend on the way to the outdoor toilet (this is the friend whom I had subconscious tensions with). He says to me, “Peter do you know why I was quiet with you last night?”
I say “No, I do not.”
He says “Do you remember meeting a man down by the temples selling flutes yesterday?”
It is at this moment I remember exactly who he is!
He continues to say “I remembered your name and I was a little disappointed that you failed to remember my face.”
I apologise and realise the vital importance of remembering people’s faces and names in travel. Especially in small villages, recognition is what keeps everything human! He introduces himself again, lending his hand saying his name is Sasin, I look him directly in the eyes and introduce myself again. I am given a second chance, we smile and continue walking with Ananda.

Here is a short clip of our journey out to the rocks.





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