Living by Giving through India (Ch. 25 – Helping Zen)


I drive off feeling content with how the morning has progressed. Within 15 minutes of riding for the ruins I notice a young Indian man and what looks to be his girlfriend on the side of the road. I pass them at first thinking to myself, “Easy Pete, you’ve already had a lot of social interaction this morning you don’t need to keep giving yourself out to every individual you meet!”
I then decide to pull over and find out what’s going on. 

Turns out they’ve busted a tire! We instantly connect after discovering Zen’s Brazilian girlfriend Juliana has been on exchange in the city of Bangalore for the past year. I spent 7 months living on exchange in the Netherlands when I was 19 so the conversation effortlessly flows between us.

They have a great positive charm and I offer to take him back into town to find a repair shop. We share a solid discussion on the motorbike about the beauty of India and what dreams and aspirations we have for our futures. Zen is an up and coming young Indian who has just finished his studies as computer engineer. He is on a holiday with his girl before getting into the business world of India. It’s their last moments together before Juliana returns to Brazil, I can feel a subconscious desire to make the most of everything they have on this holiday.

We get to the repair place and the workers only speak Kannada the local dialect so Zen needs to explain himself in very slow Hindi before we are back on the bike with our mechanic close behind. The experience takes around and hour and a half and I enjoy every moment of it! We swap digits and say goodbye. It’s near 3 so I make my way back to the school to meet with Anoor for lunch.

Helping Zen at the Tire Shop

Helping Zen at the Tire Shop



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