Living by Giving through India (Ch. 18 – The Interesting Truth Behind Kapel)


Throughout the experience of giving outside the Free Soul Cafe, Kapel very kindly offers me all sorts of drinks to keep me refreshed and offers me a free lunch when I finish. I not once asked him for any of these things. It was through the action of selflessly giving that he naturally felt happy to provide something of his own. Not only was he finding ways to return the gesture but all sorts of curious locals would come up and give to me without knowing who I was. Suyatar was kind enough to invite me back to his house for a delicious dinner later that night.

After lunch I ask if I can interview Kapel for the documentary and he gladly accepts. The interview itself is unfortunately not the most riveting piece of journalism so I’ve chosen not to show it. What is interesting however is his story. He was previously a hard-nosed business consultant! His soft and gentle character indicated that he had gone through some sort of a major life shift. I question further to find he would go into businesses and often make hundreds of people redundant as a way to cut costs! He was making good money doing it but he knew something wasn’t right. He would come home after a long day at work and often sit by himself, alone. Many people didn’t like him because of his responsibilities and it got to the point where he couldn’t take it any more so he bought a sawn off shot gun and went on a 3 day rampage!!!…Only kidding, but he did decide quit his job and find out who he really was.

He always had a passion for food, as did his mother so he decided to open his own restaurant in Anjuna, Goa. The philosophy of the cafe was about providing a comfortable space for anyone to sit and relax. His entire perspective had shifted from pushing people away to welcoming people in. I feel a peace and tranquility when talking with him now, he has found a way to live and express his passion and love with the world. I thank him greatly for his time and effort and return to the guest house later that day only to find the lady at the front office tell me I have a letter waiting for me.

Interview with Kapel @ The Free Soul Cafe

Interview with Kapel @ The Free Soul Cafe



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