Living by Giving through India (Ch. 16 – Accidentally in Love)


I arrive back to Anjuna tired, so I dump my things in the Evershine Guesthouse and grab a piece of comfort food at a local restaurant just opposite. From the moment I enter the Free Soul Café I notice something special about the space. The attention to detail is of great pride and positivity, the menu is refreshingly different and the service from who appears to be the owner is down right exceptional!

I return to the hostel only to hear a beautiful blonde sitting opposite my shoebox room listening to January by Disclosure a personal favourite track of mine.

I roll a spliff and open conversation asking if she knows that the boys who created the track are only of 19 and 21 years of age. She acts slightly surprised that I open with the question, then as if smashing through an invisible ice wall starts to shine her true colours. From that moment on we enter a trance like dance of attraction, she is a beautiful Scottish woman by the name of Katie. With each perspective and story we share we are subconsciously drawn closer together. We are honest with each other from the very first moment and within that honesty I experience great beauty and connection.

She has been on a 3-month yoga retreat in the north and is nearing the end of her journey, she has travelled extensively all over the world and is about to ‘return home to settle’ in a few days time. The rest of her family are all based in her hometown and they have a subtle expectation that it’s time for her to plant her roots, she also feels it’s time but is unsure if the travel bug will ever return.

This doesn’t stop our feelings from flying between each other like sparks of electricity, I love the raw almost unconscious state of attraction, it seems to know of no boundaries. I think the experience in Kudal has enabled me to exude a presence of deep loving energy of which creates the fire-like instant connection with Katie. She has plans to go out with some Indian friends tonight and I’m totally exhausted so we exchange details and I say goodnight. I spend the rest of the night to myself reflecting and relaxing in my room. I feel inspired by the interaction with Katie and decide to hand write this letter for her.

“I’m writing this to you now as it’s not every day you meet someone who connects with the deepest parts of your soul. You shine brighter than a burning neon star and I say this without expectation of you actually needing to feel anything in return. It is sometimes along our journey certain people align; much in the same way only certain stars align. As we came into each other’s lives as a majestic flash it’s by no means enough of an interaction to follow the feelings further.

If our stars align one more time in the future, lets see where the universe takes us. I wish you nothing but happiness, peace and Indian chill for your future.

Much short-lived neon love,


I place the letter on her porch and promise myself that I’ll take the Reciprocity Experiment to the next level tomorrow morning by offering my help to the man at the Free Soul Café.


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