Living by Giving through India (Ch. 13 – A Day on the Bikes)


We wake up to the sounds of roosters and have a quick and traditional breakfast made with love from his mum. I casually apply sunscreen in the living room and his brother looks at me like i’m from out of space. We say goodbye and move straight into the centre of Kudal to meet up with Samir. We wait on the corner of a ‘hotel’ sipping chai and people can’t help but stop to find out why. Before long an elderly woman approaches and begins to speak in the local dialect. They share a 10 minute down to earth honest connection chatting on the side of the road and the interaction finishes with Paresh giving the lady some of his money.

I ask “what was that all about?”.

and he says “the government support system isn’t quite as inclusive here in India. She has lost her husband many years ago and has been without work for quite some time”.

It was beautiful to see some of that original and honest elderly respect. Why hadn’t I done that more often? Was it money and luxury that created isolation and separation from the elders I didn’t know?

Samir arrives shortly after and we start the day with a visit to a local temple overlooking the land. On our way to the temple I have an interesting conversation with Samir on the back of his motorcycle. He is convinced that my presence is not by pure chance but is of higher purpose. In his mind I am a message from God and he had not yet figured out why I had arrived but was sure it was for a reason. I did not disagree with him nor did I agree, I simply listened to what he had to say on the matter.

We drive through the beautiful warm and tropical surrounding area; meeting friends, going for lunch in local restaurants, visiting sea fortresses, getting ‘fresh’ chicken and more. 

Here is a small clip and a few photos outlining our journey that day. We went to sleep that night knowing that tomorrow would again be another big day.

Mumma's Breakfast

Traditional Breakfast

Samir on the left, Paresh in the middle and myself at one of the temples.

Samir on the left, Paresh in the middle and myself at one of the temples.

Restaurant and safety inspector would freak!

Restaurant Kitchen…health and safety inspector would freak!

Hanging with the chef/owner!

Hanging with the chef/owner!

Malvan Fish Village Sunset

Malvan Fish Village Sunset



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