Why Are We Doing This?

Why are we alive? Why are we here? Why do we work so hard? How do we use our gifts? Is it to self perpetuate our comfortable bubbles of existence with a bigger house, a more luxurious holiday and a faster car or is it to lend a helping hand to the betterment of our world and our people?

To look at life from a biological standpoint, nature is employed to organically create a healthy balance with its surroundings. Do not the people feel an imbalance with our current situation? Haven’t our basic needs already been met? Can we not feel that something else is in need of our attention? How much more blood, scientific evidence and global suffering do we require before we start to care about establishing equilibrium?

Is it because everyone else is focusing inward? Is it because we’ve been brainwashed by marketing to constantly want more for ourselves? Is it to validate all of the hours of hard work we do with outward material reflections to ‘prove’ to others how hard we work? What ever it is how much longer can we keep going like this? I would love to hear your opinion on this, I am truly baffled and confused.


Why are we doing this?

One thought on “Why Are We Doing This?

  1. I believe the majority are driven by what is drummed into them from the day they are born, even from the womb. The unborn child can feel what the mother is feeling and the conditioned belief system begins.
    I also believe it is the chase for comfort, contentment and security all to replace the womb.

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