Living by Giving through India (Ch. 11 – Pop-up Shop & The American Hippy)


I make my way down to the beach and decide to relax on the warm sand only to find one girl, two girls, three girls, four girls come to sit down around me in a semi circle. One of the girls says, “Here let me show you my shop”.

I say “Maybe later, I’m relaxing at the moment.”

She replies “No problem the shop will come to you.”

She proceeds to start placing her shop on top of me, before long all the girls have joined in some sort of a hilarious decorative game turning most of my body into a display table. I say “With this much selection it’s hard for me to choose”.

The girl quickly replies “that’s no problem, you just buy more”.

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach

Men frequently hold hands in public.

Men frequently hold hands in public.

I return to my guesthouse covered in bracelets and refreshing white breezy clothing only to find a friendly American man greet me on a plastic chair out front. Now I don’t like to put people into boxes based on appearances and or mannerisms but this man was a pretty stereotypical American hippy straight out of a psychedelic time warp from the 60’s.

He had come to India on a pilgrimage for the wife he lost in a terrible car crash 2 years ago. He had travelled to the sacred Gange river to place her remains in the holy river as a way to let her spirit free. He had just come back from the experience and was feeling light and grateful for having done so. We share some great conversation about life and the incredible force of humanity.

Later that night I find out that he’s leaving in the next few days and I probably won’t see him again. I decide to gift a relatively small “I Love Perth” Koala that my mother gave me 2 and half years ago at the reception and think nothing more of it…



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