Living by Giving through India (Ch. 9 – Meeting Paresh the Film Director)

Meeting Paresh

After numerous family greetings and meetings for over 2 and a half hours I decide it’s time to return to my carriage. Even though I had asked my Japanese friend to watch over my things and padlocked everything to the seat I heard that bag stealers were a common occurrence on these trains. As I’m walking back down the carriages meeting peoples eyes a young man with bright white teeth approaches me and says hello.

He has his own clean cut style, nice framed glasses and a light brown cargo jacket. A fashion statement refreshingly different from the normal everyday Indian attire. We exchange a few interesting words and it turns out he’s heading to his parents village of Kudal for the weekend. This village has no more than 25,000 people, a much smaller size than the 20 million of Mumbai. Our conversation develops further and I discover he’s just finished a 6 month project directing a film with more than 100 blind girls called Beyond the Darkness. His film explored what life would be like if a blind person was given sight after 16 years life without it.

After discovering his interest in film I show him some of my video and sound gear. I tell him about the Reciprocity Experiment and I ask if he’s got a contact detail for me to check some of his other works. I also offer to share some of my brother and my own creations with him. He decides to swap details and then proceeds to say “If you make it to Kudal, be sure to give me a call”. Little did I know what that subtle comment would lead to!

I have here a few of the audio recordings from the moment we first met. There might be a bit of background noise and that’s because we were travelling through tunnels and we were standing right next to the open doors.

Hangin out

Hangin out



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