Living by Giving through India (Ch. 8 – The Man Who Just Looooved to Talk)

Chpat 8

After the blissful moment with the drifter I continue walking down the carriage only to find a sea of curious eyes pour in as if a friendly alien had just entered their living room for dinner. I decide to try and greet as many people as I can with either a friendly hello or at least some eye contact. I walk slow and lower my head as a sign of respect. Before long I find a friendly family of 5 and open conversation with “hello! I’d like to learn more about India, can you help me?”

In this 2 minute audio clip you can hear some humorous dialogue with this travelling family and I. The man you hear telling the joke is an Indian relative from South Africa. He loved to talk…and I mean LOOOVEEDD to talk (Our conversation stretched for nearly 45minutes!).

This is the cookie experiment video.

IMG_0431 copy1

The South African man on the right was visiting his Indian relative on the left.


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