The Spiritual Side of Sport

Have you ever thought of sport as a spiritual occurrence? Here’s a list of 5 things that suggest sport itself has a strong spiritual significance. 

Putting Faith into the Players

If you ask a supporter before the game who they think is going to win, the most common response will be of their own team winning. This is a reflection of faith in something that is yet to occur. When the team succeeds it can almost feel like a subconscious pat on the back. This was what the spectator had wished for, and it came true. Similar to how people put faith in their god or the universe to provide something that is yet to occur. When it eventuates in the real world it feels like ‘god and or the universe is with them’.

Spiritual Belonging

Being a part of a tribe with a shared belief in something greater than our selves is fundamental to spiritual connection. Seeing someone else on the train wearing our team’s colours feels subconsciously and consciously rewarding. It shows publicly that we’re not alone in our belief. Much in same way people feel accepted if part of the same church. Being in the presence of our ‘tribe’ provides a spiritual sense of belonging and a place in this world. The colours of the flag, the scarves, the logos all have profound spiritually rewarding significance.

The Subconscious Confessions Box

When surrounded by hundreds of thousands of our ‘brothers and sisters’ yelling for our team’s success we’re also offloading our own raw emotional state into the game. Here we’re allowed to show all of ourselves without the worry of anyone judging us because we are protected by the tribe doing the same. This is a much needed emotional release for the spiritual being within us.

The Subconscious Confessions Box

The Subconscious Confessions Box

Unity with the Universe

During the game the world often disappears as our attention is offloaded on something larger than ourselves. Our daily troubles wash away as we watch or play the game. It is in this flow state that we become at one with the universe. Our full attention is so involved in the task in front of us that we organically assume oneness. This is similar to the intention behind spiritual meditation and religious prayer.


Feeling Human Electricity

Spectators will often speak of the electric feeling of the stadium. This is similar to the spiritual state obtained in the gospel church choirs and or large religious celebrations. A form of large-scale unity and oneness through chanting, fist pumping, flag waving and cheering for something greater than ourselves connects people to a higher frequency. Some call it for the love of the game, others call it spirituality 😉

These are but a few of the spiritually significant elements of Sport. Can you think of any others?

Look familiar?

Look familiar?

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