Living by Giving through India (Ch. 4 – Indian Insight)

Chapter 4 indian insght

I arrive home late that night only to find the host brothers Saad & Fahad arriving much later. We spend the warm humid night under the breeze of the fan talking about our day and then we get onto discussing the details of my mission through India and Good Vibrations Barcelona. I decide to show them a few of the videos from the social experiments we created in Spain and I notice Saad’s eyes glued to the black screen at the end of the I trust you, do you trust me experiment.

After a moments silence he continues to say that for most of the Indians, hugging your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife in public is traditionally seen as completely inappropriate! They tell me about an officer from Mumbai who fined a man for publicly kissing and giving his girlfriend a hug not too long ago. I was shocked and didn’t know how deeply rooted this fundamental cultural difference was. I knew I wanted to create social art through India but I realised that I had much to learn before hitting streets with free hugs. We exchange ideas and important cultural information deep into the night before heading to bed at around 3am.

Fahad and I feeling very inspired from our conversations!

Saad and I after a valuable cultural exchange.



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