Being Afraid & Doing it Anyway

Have you ever been afraid of expressing your most vulnerable self with others? I certainly have and it seems with each action I take closer to my most truthful self I also take a step closer to being more vulnerable, more afraid, more pure and more real. Each new journey into the unknown is still scary, before I stand up in front of a crowd i’m terrified on the inside but I know that my small and relatively insignificant emotional state of mind is of less importance than the message and potential benefit facing the fear could bring to others. I use this as a way to wash away any outward signs of fear and continue anyway.

Do you have any fears that are holding you back? How many of those fears actually need to be there? How do you know?






One thought on “Being Afraid & Doing it Anyway

  1. Having reqched the age of over 50 i suprise myself by still being afraid of so many things ,while due to life experiences have become less afraid of others. It is good to question why you are afraid and acknowledge the fear and notice the impact of it on your life.

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