3 important lessons I learned from my first crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Humans require tangible outcomes before they think about parting ways with money.
    300 watches is a tangible outcome that people can wrap their minds around. Going on a trip through America to tour your band is tangible. When it comes to something like liberating the human race from the invisible chains that keeps much of the human spirit trapped and restricted it’s a little harder to quantify. People can’t visualise a finished product, which in turn makes it harder for people to part ways with money for it.

  2. One on one heart-felt communication is king.
    Amongst an online friends network, people don’t feel directly responsible for donating anything to anyone. Facebook is a primarily free world. This allows friends to easily find other priorities whilst online. I think if this same campaign was created offline through one on one dialogue asking for donations over a cup of tea and talking through the same elements of the project, the response would have been completely different. Without the one on one communication people find it all too easy to move in a different direction.

  3. Unexpected Turbo Boost!
    If you’re really serious about your dream, the campaign will create an incredible burst of vibrant creative energy. With this burst I created some of my greatest work. I faced more fears at a rate much faster than I’d ever face in normal life and as a result have discovered my future path. It was the motivation of only having a month to show the world how much this opportunity meant to me that I was inspired to create like Oscar Wilde at a creative orgy paint party with Picasso and Michael Angelo.

I look forward to showing you our most profound piece of work in the coming few days. Special thanks to my family, the Good Vibers, the pledgers, the artists, the Liberators, friends and the inspiralight subscribers for helping make this possible. It has been through our combined unity as humanity that we’ve accomplished truly magical things.

I look forward to sharing the future with you.




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