What do real balls look like?

Is it the size that really matters? Or is it the impact? One thing’s for sure, being male or female does not change the requirements for having balls.

Starting a conversation that matters takes balls.
It’s easy to agree with everyone else, it’s easy to talk about what everyone else is talking about. What can be challenging is starting a conversation that matters. People will continue to fill the empty space with chatter.


Speaking the truth even when your voice shakes takes balls.
This can be incredibly terrifying, taking a step in the direction you know is truthful but against what everyone else believes. Rosa Sparks being a prominent leader of this. It was through her having the balls to refuse to surrender her seat to a white person and sit where she knew was right but was against what everybody believed opened the door for more thought and others to join her. It takes balls to stand up for what you deeply believe in.

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Being yourself with respect takes balls
There are powerful personality restricting forces that exist around us in much of every day life. Having the courage to be able to express your true self at every moment whilst still being respectful to others takes serious balls. The advantage of this method is that once people know you for being you, you are accepted and respected as that.

Being yourself

Picking people up even when others push them down takes balls
It easy to find the emotionally fragile, they often find themselves getting tossed and kicked around the back of social and societal circles. Many of them can become to assume that that’s just who they are and people treating them badly and disrespectfully is actually how it is. It takes balls when everyone else is jokingly pushing someone down to stop the joke and pull them up into social equilibrium. This can often be at the expense of many people’s expectations. Hey! Why are you ruining the fun? A.k.a Why have you just made us look like the bad guys!? The knowledge of this social backlash can be a subtle yet powerful thought that prevents the minds of many.


Choosing to return aggression with kindness and compassion takes balls
It is our primal response to return aggression with more aggression. When others meet us with anger it is our semi-unconscious response to fight or flight the situation. Today’s life doesn’t require us to fight each other for any purpose. We are all brothers and sisters of this planet and together we will create a better more harmonious and sustainable world.


To understand, believe, practice and share your passion takes balls.
Passion what!? Passion, that thing that nobody could tell you to do except yourself. That thing that fires you up from inside when you jump onto the creation of the task. Deciding to focus energy into something that simply makes you feel good doing and then sharing it with the world takes balls. It takes balls to tell our friends and family we want to spend our time working on our passion as oppose to socially expected endeavours.


Saying I love you takes balls
Many men can be repelled by this statement and it is for this exact reaction that it takes real balls and a deep understanding of self to be able to actively express this emotion to others. We must resist against the generic social expectation of “men don’t say I love you because it’s weak to show emotion like that” and instead we must rise above it with our own understanding that these simple words can drastically change other peoples lives and the way in which people deal with us.

These are but a few of the traits that build balls, can you think of any others?

This Sunday Expression is part of the Take Good Vibrations to the World campaign.

Much love to all my brothers and sisters,



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