Results from the Reciprocity Experiment

I left Spain with an internal energy supply enough to power NYC for a month. I thought there was NO chance i’d ever feel more from within but I was proved wrong! After the one month trip through India I was left trembling and semi-unconscious from the waves of love I had received on a daily basis. People I had never met before opened their hearts, minds, families and homes to me without EVER second guessing my intentions. It was almost as if each individual was connected in their own way, each guiding me through and into safety.

The locals seemed to be sensitive to the fact that I was on a mission to selflessly give. In the final week of the experience I was pushed to my absolute limit being asked to communicate with hundreds of locals in the area to create this vision I had for inspiring the children that through unity the change was in their hands. I had a personal helper Sudarshan, who stopped everything he was doing for a week and ended up living with me, translating, advising and connecting with the local culture to help with the creation of the project. He not once asked to be paid for his week of service, this was of deeper significance than that of financial desire. I was almost brought to tears under the pressure of what I had placed onto my own shoulders.

Day after day we were hit with difficulties and reasons for things not to work but I remained focused on my goal the entire time. By the end of the week we had started ourselves a small Indian social movement involving over 80 local school children, more than 15 street dancers from the local slum, a printing shop, private tuk tuk dirvers and a school principal. I had established connections with the street families and would often spend nights out on the street talking and eating with them. We shared moments seated cross legged on the concrete slab that was their home.

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After our first successful school party the people wanted us to make a second return on the streets, and a third return in the orphanages, others were discussing that the police were going to find out and shut us down. What I felt from India was deeply energising and when I arrived back to Perth I needed a break. This had to be my chance to unwind right? Had I not already pushed far enough?

I spent a month in complete family shut down. Spending most of my time on my bed sleeping. It was as if I had withheld something major for far too long. I came back into the comfort of family and old friends, something which I hadn’t felt in over 2 and a half years! I stayed still, I laid dorment trying to somehow process what had happened in India but the presence of my family’s loving energy continued to affect me. I decided to pack my bags n’ drive south a few hundred km’s in search of some place isolated. I needed space to release, to relax. Before long the front end on my 4 wheeled travel partner had exploded.

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This had me return home with my tail between my legs after a very short 3 day journey into the unknown. I tried to continue to write about what had happened in India but again was affected by the presence of my family. My mind was not able to completely get back into that frame of mind. My grandparents Oma n’ Opa offered their house for a month of time as they were going on a boat cruise around Australia. I decided against this beautiful offer and instead chose to hitch-hike my way down and into the south west with little more than $250 in my pocket.

What happened in the south west was nothing short of purely incredible. The moment I got back onto the road that night the same feeling I had felt through India came rushing back into my soul. I was back in the adventure, back where I needed to be. It was on this 1 month journey through the south west that many wonderful things occurred, I was cared for by criminals on my first night, I was then guided down to Margaret river by a number of very interesting characters. I ended up spending my first day in Margs with the “writer, looking for tranquil place to write” sign.


Again waves of love came pouring in from all directions, the experience of Australia caught me off guard I never expected the response that I received. Again people opened their hearts, minds, families and homes to allow me to stay for free. They fed me, they helped me record videos, they included me as part of their family, they drove me into town, they guided me into meeting a man named Ruslan from the ABC who helped boost the awareness of the project on a national level. I was inspired and conducted more social experiments in the centre of the country town. Again an Australian social movement was growing without me trying, people were stepping forward, musicians, videographers and others were offering help without being asked.

Video piece created for the ABC Open.

Social experiment of trust conducted the country town of Margaret River

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I came back to Perth after a month and my mum sort of said, “alright Pete, you’ve had your fun but now you need to buckle down and get a job to help sustain yourself now”. I agreed with what she said, but I had already come so far I only needed a little more time before I could sustain myself doing what I loved. I needed to display my true colours and instead of looking for a job I spent a month straight in an almost trance like state working towards the creation of the Dance of Freedom. I had very little in my bank by this time but more importantly I had found my calling and I needed to turn it into a reality. Forces constantly asked me to step back from the project, the obvious incentive to go out and a get a job was stronger than ever but similar to what was experienced in India I remained true to my heart and focused on the creation of the artist message.

The Dance of Freedom involved more than 100 people donating their time for free from all ends of the globe collaborating and offering their help in the creation. The channel 10 camera team donated their services and more than $80,000 worth of film equipment to capture what happened. I was simultaneously managing a remote project for TEDx Barcelona with the GoodVibes tribe in Spain. Since following my heart national TV news have contacted for interviews, the video has received more than 10, 000 views in under 2 weeks, i’ve been asked to perform with numerous street festivals from around Australia, i’ve been on national radio and i’ve fallen in love.

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What I want to express in all of this is that the Reciprocity Experiment hasn’t finished, all of the incredible things that changed me are still changing me. Right now my energy needs to be in the creation of more incredible. I have not forgotten the Reciprocity Experiment, I am living the Reciprocity Experiment.

I’d like to advise that we all buckle up, this is only just the beginning of an incredibly colourful ride.

Much love,


Inspired dancing

Inspired dancing


2 thoughts on “Results from the Reciprocity Experiment

  1. What a great read Pete, thanks for sharing. Sounds totally exhausting in India (in a good way). You are totally on track to expressing your art and I’m looking forward to the unfolding of self within you and those you are changing. Inspired action in action. Thumbs up and power to you buddy. X

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