The Conscious Custodians

We are travelling through space at 107,826 kph rotating around the presence of a 4.5 billion year old burning star. The sun itself is the provider of all light. We do not need to imagine a great, it already exists and continues to provide life to our planet. Like a Father it has been constantly giving enabling Mother nature to grow of which she has also endured billions of years of giving and hardship to ensure the possibility of today.

She has done all of this without ever asking for anything in return and now only now, for a brief moment as the only conscious custodians with the ability foresee the future we are being asked to step up, unite and provide a change to ensure this billion year old perfectly balanced creature is able to survive.  She stands tall and mighty and continues to provide but her legs are weak and she is bleeding. She cannot sustain this lifestyle, these games, these selfish inward deviations. We must remove the excess baggage, drop it and be true to our selves and the balance of our natural surroundings.

Are you ready to consciously start returning a small slice the billion year old favour?

The conscious custodianss

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