Nothing but Incredible!

A question that’s been on a few peoples mind of late has been, why don’t I have a job? I’ve been home for 3 months but why am I choosing to live in my parents living room not even looking for a job? It can sometimes be incredibly difficult to comprehend, especially when you’ve lived in another country, second if you’ve started a social movement, third if you’ve pushed yourself into some incredibly powerful life changing personal situations. Combine all three and you find yourself a life cocktail for a deep and profound desire to give something incredible into this world.

Now when you get on the question of giving something incredible, the idea of working towards someone else’s financially driven dream becomes rather uninspiring. When you compare that with a path of inspiring thousands of other people in a way that has the potential to positively change the course of our future you start to question if going after ‘another job’ is really worth the time?

The world is not waiting for more ‘workers’, the world is waiting for more game changers. I am a game changer and i’m ready to play. No more waiting around, no more procrastinating and no more ‘keeping busy’. If you knew how to positively influence our world would you pursue it? Or would you sit down, keep quiet and wait for somebody else to stumble across this incredible chance to make a difference?

I have found a way to make that difference and if chasing it means I don’t get paid a bit of cash for a few months than SO BE IT. Life is not about money, more money and the accumulation of things. I want my life to be about making a positive contribution to other peoples lives. That to me is one of the highest forms of payment and that is what I have spent almost every waking hour since coming home working towards.

If you support me on this mission I would like to hear about it. Much of the world is trying to push me back into a box, back onto a ‘known’ path of predictability and mediocracy.  Now is the time for nothing but incredible!

It's taken me years of hard work to discover my passion. Now that i've found it there is no going back.

It’s taken me years of hard work to discover my passion. Now that i’ve found it there is no going back.


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