Becoming a part of the reason the world changed

Have you ever thought about becoming part of the reason the world changed? At first it may sound daunting but one way or another we’re already contributing to this changing world consciously or unconsciously.

Deciding to throw our recyclables into the recycling, choosing not to judge a person by their appearance, walking to work, reusing water bottles and switching unused lights off are some of the millions of actions we can chose to take in our daily lives that have an effect on this changing world. What I’d like to draw light on in is how we are actually much closer to a shift that could make us the very reason our entire planet changed from linear dead-end consumption to a circular system of sustainability.

As the black smoke continues to plume out the back of our beaten-up earth vehicle, many of us continue to stare at the newspapers, news feeds and televisions pointing our fingers saying “why isn’t anybody doing anything!?”. No president, organisation or ‘higher force’ alone will ever have the solution to saving the planet from self-destruction. The world is far too complex and convoluted for any one individual to solve. As a human race however, our combined intelligence and resources as of TODAY are more than enough to change the direction of our super highway.

The path to discovery and implementation of these ideas however needs not to be a priority of the state, country or UN, instead it needs to be a priority of the individual and our small communities. We as a human race need to feel inspired and able to contribute in our own way to making this world a place of love, kindness and sustainable living. It’s not about waiting for war to break out or for the magic wand to be waved by a higher force to change things, quite to opposite. The only magic that can be created is by using our unique skills in a unified way to make this planet a place for each and everyone to live on.

So who’s on the transition team? Who’s actually ready to step forward in the name of making a positive change in the future!? Who here, is willing to unite with others to take 30 minutes of ACTION towards incremental improvement every week in the name of becoming a part of the reason the world changed for the better?

I’d love to hear your thoughts,




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