So what do I actually have planned for the future!?

It’s a question that makes my eyes light up with excitement and it’s something those of you reading this will be able to explore in the coming months if you choose it to be so.

I have a few current priorities one of them will be working from the ground up, meeting with all sorts of creative heads to talk ideas about the new human experience I’m working on. As the African proverb says if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. Affecting the path of the future is a collective process that requires a certain unity to exist. Through this process of listening and sharing ideas a core group of individuals will naturally form. The no pressure, only love concept will be in full affect.

It will be with this group of connected individuals that the framework for a new experience will form.

Finding a film and dance crew to help me complete 4 of my most daring public actions will be another priority. If anyone reading this knows of volunteers interested in being part of something that’s going to make people stop and think in a hilariously liberating way then I ask for you to get in contact with me. These actions are going to include business suits and a juxtapositioning of characters and situations. We will use these 4 videos to spread awareness of some of the ideas we are going to have the option to explore over the coming months.

Throughout this process I’ll be working pretty hard towards bringing people together. In whatever shape and form I’d love to be able to unite groups of people. All of this unity and connection is going to take time but I am determined to make something special for everyone to enjoy.

Together we are stronger,248591_10150293921327209_422222868137_n copy



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