Gatekeepers of love

It’s an odd situation I’ve been coming in to contact with of late and that’s meeting these gatekeepers of love. Try not to be “turned off” by the name of love and allow me to explain a little further.

One would be Dave from the soup kitchen. This dude has inspired a movement of people coming together every Monday and Wednesday for more than 20 years. He first started it after hearing that a local had taken control of the community newspaper and had started putting all of sorts of ideas into what the newspaper said. “Plenty of it was rubbish that didn’t describe the Margaret River flow of life at all.” Said Dave.
As oppose to fighting fire with fire he decided to help prepare freshly made vegan curry’s for the people to enjoy. He started giving them away for very reasonable prices and created a space for the people to experience Margaret River in real time. What makes this social space special is that it’s totally run by volunteers who are all accepted for who they are, it’s packed every night, people casually sit on the grass to eat, they play hackysack, they bump into other travellers and they allow life to flow in it’s most organic natural form. To me this place is focused on freedom and not the financial outcome.

The other is Shelley, a beautiful woman with spice for life and a twinkle in her eye. She has been running and caring for the organic garden for more than 20 years and has built things up to a point that feels like you’ve just entered a physical paradise the moment you walk inside. Each step of the way promotes free thought and creativity to run wild. She encourages people to paint, relax, eat, sing, dance and enjoy the space in any way they see as fitting. She’s given the trust back into the hands of the people and has allowed them to create their own experiences. She has a cheery bunch of helpers who volunteer every week with gardening duties. Again from the moment I entered this space I was overwhelmed in a sensation of open and accepting free love. I showed up, I was welcomed in and invited to homemade lunch prepared by all of the helpers. Each brought something to share to energise the others before getting stuck into the garden.

I have consciously donated my time towards both organisations of love by giving my own forms of love. When I say love, I don’t mean some hippy-dippy concept of love, I mean contributing hours of my own time to assist them in becoming stronger communities for the love of helping others doing good things. Within the soup kitchen I simply added my own time helping chop onions, cucumbers and an assortment of other fresh ingredients used in the curries. At the Garden, I’ve helped them build and design their own website. As payment I’ve been showered in love, trust, support and acceptance.

Shelly showed me where they hid the keys to the shed and said I was welcome to come inside if ever I needed a shelter for some time. Dave at the soupie very happily donates a free meal and plenty of friendly insightful conversation.

New worlds of opportunity present themselves when we lead with our heart and give without expecting. These gatekeepers are living examples.

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