Strange moment with someone else’s dog

Just yesterday I was in the Margaret River forest happily writing on top of a fallen tree barefoot when a couple walking their dog approached. The dog was the first to greet me and I’m not so sure how the following situation happened but I’ll try to explain.

I greeted the dog with welcoming open arms as I would my own dog and this sent a spark of life straight into the dog. It leapt up on top of the fallen tree and and greeted me with such immense force I was almost thrown off. The dog jumped down then spent the next minute or so literally jumping for joy. Whilst the guardians exclaimed “We’ve never seen him like this before! Terribly sorry!”

Now it could have just been a friendly dog, but why did it trust me as someone it knew? The way it was behaving was like it had just seen a long lost friend. I’d like to delve a little further in saying that dogs are incredibly attuned to the natural frequencies of humans. Having grown up with a dog I’ve always noticed how sensitive they can be to the internal emotional state of the human.

The past few months have been experimentations with outward expressions of love. When I write, feelings can be compounded as i’m consciously reminded of the powerful expressions of love that i’ve been experiencing on an almost daily basis.

Something is being transmitted here on a frequency level I’m still not 100% sure of yet.


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Barefooted Inspiration

Barefooted Inspiration

4 thoughts on “Strange moment with someone else’s dog

  1. I think about this a lot myself! I definitely think dogs pick up on our frequencies. I think all animals do (including ourselves). Hence if you interact with most animals with good intentions and nothing but love, there’s far less of a chance of something going wrong. “They can smell the fear” i think just means you’re giving off the wrong frequency due to any negatives thoughts/emotions u may have about the animal. I find the more present i am when i interact with animals, the better connection i have.

    Thanks for the share!

  2. It is realy amazing reading this because just today I saw the most amazing cartoon image googling arround… It was an angel transforming itself into an DOG!,… so there you go your answer!! ;)… So if you felt you had to receive him with open arms maybe you unconciously recognize him 😀

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