House-hiking and turning our dreams into realities

Ok so I’m currently sitting out the front of the local supermarket in Margaret River with a piece of paper gaffa-taped to the back of my Laptop that says “Writer looking for tranquil place to write, ideas?”. Judging by the looks on peoples faces I doubt many of them have seen an advert like this before. I’m not really making much eye contact; I’m focusing on writing this document as if the world depended on it. Well that’s one of the best ways to write anyway right?

Sign I had gaffa taped to the back of my laptop

Sign I had gaffa taped to the back of my laptop

I’m not too sure if this is going to work but just like so many things in life the initial thought is often unconfirmed. I’ve often thought of an idea that just as quickly was rejected from the backyard of my own mind. I found reasons for it not to work. I found reasons for it not to work!? What kind of self-sabotaging cracker did I think I was? Why is it that we so often search for reasons for things to go wrong as oppose to reasons for things to go right?

Approaching girls or guys is one of the classic situations where we have the original desire to take action, but quickly convince ourselves out of it before we move a muscle. The interesting thing that I’ve found experimenting with this is that most of the counter thoughts have been completely unsubstantiated, mere knee-jerk fears in the mind pushing our dreams away by things as petty and forgettable as split second social rejection.

As I sit here now attempting to prove my consciousness wrong, I’m going to be chilled out about it and I’m not going to scream for anyone’s attention. They can come to me if they want to help, I think that’s the way it should work. If this doesn’t work I’ll try the personal approach, talking to people on the street. I will find out what happens and adjust accordingly along the way. Too much of the time we expect perfection on our first attempt or destroy our own dreams before they even get a chance in the real world. It’s true that many of them don’t fly on first attempt, but that’s where we really learn. It’s exciting to try and to then develop so that the second or third attempt is stronger and closer to the reality we’d like to see.

Dreams only become realities by us making them real, taking action steps towards making them realities, failing, learning and trying again.

What dream do you want to make real?

House-Hiking in Margs

Turning the house-hiking dream into a reality in under 30 minutes.

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