Loosing myself to the tribe

“I am merely a mirror reflecting collective energy of the people through a central point.”

Just yesterday I messaged a friend exclaiming how it felt like I’d been in a trance over the past few months. Only after I stopped to think about what has actually been happening over the past few months did I realise that I have not had the chance to sit down, watch a movie or drink a nice cup of tea on my own. My existence has shifted from personally focused actions to putting all my actions and thoughts into the development of the tribe and the bigger picture.

Sometimes I feel like a slave to my own passion, letting golden friendships with friends and family slip, staying up past 3am on weeknights working on ideas, constantly messaging friends asking for cooperation…mind constantly moving.

I’m sure there are plenty of people who want me to sit down, shut up and return to normal but it seems the more heart and soul I pour into the development of the tribe the more I forget myself personally and the more I feel energised from the people who trust me, who help, who believe in making the world a place of unified peace.

The mission to create a unified human force has begun, the wheels are in motion, the brakes have been released the future unknown…

fotolia_948088_000 copy


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