Putting yourself out there

It’s easy once you start putting yourself out there, once you start putting what you believe into a public domain for others to interpret your actions as reflections of insecurities and selfish attempts for more attention. But how do we differentiate between the people who use attention to bring value into the lives of others and the people who are hungry for more selfish attention?

In both cases, the increase in attention can bring an increased focus upon oneself. We need to be careful of the way our online and offline image appears in public if we are looking to make an influence, it’s a significant part of what people will use to identify with or against before listening, believing and sharing the messages we have.

The interesting contradiction that I currently sit in is that yes I am looking to spread a message and yes I am leading a social movement and yes I frequently use my body as a vehicle for spreading messages all of which might give the impression that what I represent is about me being at the centre of it all…This of course couldn’t be further from the truth! What I represent is the collective force of the community and our message.

With humans there needs to be a leader but what I’d like to draw attention to is the underlying messages of what we stand for and what we transmit as a group. Caring for others, collaborating, giving, accepting, saying I love you, respecting, trusting, asking for help, expressing our emotions openly knowing full well that our honesty is to be interpreted as a sign of bravery not weakness. Together we are the force of incredible magnitude and we each have a unique role in making that a reality.

So how can we differentiate between the selfish attention hungry monkeys and the people who use attention to bring value into the lives of others? I think it boils down to intention behind each of our actions. Do we act for the selfish levitation of personal image and glorification? Or do we consistently act and collaborate in ways to provide positive light and value to the community and the others around us?

Either way much love,


It's all about me...or is it?

It’s all about me…or is it?


2 thoughts on “Putting yourself out there

  1. Beautifully stated. Your efforts are an inspiration. If it hadn’t given you this wonderful opportunity to elegantly outline your mission statement, I’d say just ignore the haters. Please don’t shy away from your leadership role in Good Vibrations because of a few cynics. You’re doing a great job.

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