The Past, Present & Future of Good Vibrations Barcelona

It would be false to say that we have slowed down over the past few months, in fact the complete opposite has occurred.  Over the past 6 months we have grown by the hundreds. That’s hundreds of new people organically joining the cause for their own reasons and we’d like to warmly welcome everyone of you and thank you personally for putting your trust in the group. Together we really are stronger.

As we grow in momentum, the energy within the group has been on a steady rise. New doors of possibilities have started to open themselves as we continue to sail into the future. We are now working at combining forces with local newspapers, international peace organisations and other organisations to further expand our desire for a refocus of humanistic priorities in this society.

In short we are an international urban peace tribe. We all work together in finding ways to liberate ourselves and the people with our actions. We don’t just talk about being the people we want in the world, we take actions that reflect being the people we want in the world. We re-center our focus on the humanistic things that bring us feelings of happiness, connectedness, belonging, support, love, empathy, trust, respect and compassion. Interestingly enough, most of our actions don’t cost a cent.

Together we are removing the predefined social constructs and allowing the natural ones to flow. We are each unique beings who all have something to contribute to this tribe and world and we work together in expressing that with ourselves and the others around.

So what is actually happening? What are we standing for? Why have we all come together?

I’d say that other than having a lot of fun, creating memories for life we are all working together in liberating the human spirit. We do this by creating social moments in public spaces that express actions of love with the world. We do not expect people to follow us, we only express our love with the world. The people who also want to participate in doing that are all welcome. We are the GoodVibers and together we are removing the chains of unrealistic expectation and are allowing the more organic and honest inner selves to shine.

If you’ve come this far it’s probable that you’re already one of the GoodVibers. If you’d like to help us grow here are a few easy ways you can contribute to the cause.

Sharing our facebook posters, pictures and videos help us with spreading the message

Volunteering services – translation, posterdesign, participating in events

Helping arrange events – thinking of ideas for future actions to help liberate the human spirit.

Recommending us – If you find a friend who might also be interested in helping us grow feel free to talk to them about what we do. This is how we organically find the right people and move in an organic way.

I say bring on the future,

With love,

Peter Sharp


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