The war of love

At the current rate of linear consumption combined with the number of complacent observers the human race is racing towards the end of a cliff. If people don’t start to stick their heads up, question and look ahead at the bigger picture we are going to fly straight off the edge with such immense force and speed that trying to repair and find harmony after the world is so heavily broken is going to be an incredibly difficult task.

Think about the lasting tension the last world war created in the minds of millions. It scared everyone, created negative fearful energy and resentment within generations of families tragically effected. We don’t need to wait for that to happen again do we? Have we not already suffered enough as a human race to have learnt our lesson? Are the signs not clear?

We need to act as if the war has already occurred; the world is already broken, we are the lucky few survivors who have already lost our friends and our families and now we are trying to salvage what peace we can find within ourselves and our communities. We need to prepare ourselves for the inevitable change of fortune. We need to start preparing and acting in ways that create harmony, sustainability, unity and oneness amongst all humans before absolute chaos breaks loose. Try managing a democracy when the people can’t feed their children.

A pre-emptive war of love is required before darkness falls. We already have all the resources to make this a reality; we just need to shift our focus and attention from ‘naive observers’ to active participants. We can make a change but we need to take responsibility for it by taking our hands out of our minds and into the ground of action. We need to unite our heads as one before it’s too late.

Here’s a very clear video pointing at how unsustainable our current way of thinking is.

There is only 1 world

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