Listening to loved ones criticism

One of the greatest ways to self-improvement is along the path of criticism. Its first taste might be ugly but knowing how to listen to our loved ones criticisms can actually be a liberating doorway to personal growth & development. If we are not open to receiving criticism from the people who authentically want the best for us where can we look to receive objective assistance on how to improve ourselves? 

Simply listening to ourselves can prove foolish as it’s quite common to have a biased perspective of ourselves, by default humans seem to see themselves through an “i’m doing things the best I can” lens. Another force of unfair influence can be listening the words of people who don’t actually know or care about us such as advertising subconsciously telling us we aren’t quite good enough.

The fact that our loved ones feel comfortable speaking with us in regards to negative features is actually a form of them showing they want the best for us. It doesn’t mean they are always right and they should be equally open to hearing and adjusting their ideas after listening to our side of the story. Having the humility to listen to the painful news can actually strengthen relationships if we interpret their attempts to help us as positive acts if love not as a negative attacks.

Of course method of delivery makes a huge difference in this highly sensitive area. What we can try to keep in mind is that our closest, most trusted friends and family often understand us with a deeper objective understanding than we do ourselves. It can be common to be under the effects of misleading emotions when making important decisions about love, work and life. Having an honest friend who knows us well can help us gain objective clarity.



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