The United Religions

What if all religions united and stepped forward to simultaneously show their love for the world, the people and their god in the highest form. 

It’s a concept of creating a unified understanding between religions that allows for and acknowledges the existence everyone’s written scriptures. The collaborative update would open doors of love and understanding to be shown to people of other religions and beliefs. Can we not see how much terror is created over the harmless differences in beliefs? Would not God be interested in listening to an idea that has the potential to allow us all to move forward from the conflict creating current state of affairs?

This doesn’t mean changing religion, it just means updating religious scriptures in order to find peace and harmony with the natural diversity of the world…Instead of fighting a reality that hasn’t changed in centuries we would allow for reality to co-exist in harmony. Is this not what all religions would want? Would this not be the biggest prize of good doings to forever put us in first position for going to a higher level?

Would love to hear your thoughts…United Religions

After finishing this post I found an online community already trying to do this!


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