GoodVibers: Results from the Sunshine Tour! (Part 2)

(Part 1 here)
We had the impression that Girona was going to be one of our biggest events, Girona being the second biggest city in Catalunya and there being an annual flower festival at the same time. We found a perfect spot at the beginning of the main passage entering the centre of town and set our things up for the final show. We were running low on energy by this time so Matt helped us re-energise with a quick game of Big Booty. A fun crazy game to help bring everybody together again.

The ropes started flying, the music started playing and the energy in the area instantly lifted. We especially noticed a great variety of participation from young and older people in Girona. This could have been due to the increase in population or the fact it was a festival and it’s possibile people in festival environments are more open to trying new things. We played for an hour or so to great success and closed with a quick conga-line. Conga-Line in Girona

During the weekend we saw moments with our own eyes that blurred the differences between cultures and social-economic classes via things as simple as a rope which gave people something to talk about and participate in. It was with this united energy we were able to see a shared humanity behind the flags, clothes, cultures, languages, politics, religious beliefs that might otherwise set us apart. Deep down, we are all humans who enjoy social interactions with other humans we can trust, we are humans who like to smile, we are humans who like to share positive experiences with others. We provided a space to feel that in real-time.

What we experienced on the weekend was a priceless moment in time and none of it would have been possible without the enthusiasm, support and team work of the GoodVibers! We have such a special team of supporters online and offline helping our dreams become realities.

Well done people, see you again soon!

10 countries united by positivity.
10 countries united by positivity.

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