Reawakening our inner human

It seems with the help of the crisis and the increase in shared wisdom, the bread and butter basics of what it is to be a human is being re-remembered. It is not some new technique; in fact it’s the complete opposite. It’s reconnecting with our old, ancient, peaceful and beautiful inner human, the animal from within that hears, feels and acts in a certain way because it’s natural and not because its expected.

Similar to when a child grows up to an age when their toys just don’t seem to excite them in the same way as before. The same thing is happening with our priorities, our never ending desire for money, societies unrealistic expectations, tv influence and the other attention hungry external distractions trying to persuade us to think one way or another. These are like old toys which just don’t seem to give us that same sense of satisfaction as they did before, now we are finding freedom in our own internally guiding thoughts and feelings.

The beautiful thing is that we all have the genetic hardwiring to understand what it is to be human, it ensured we survived this far for a reason! It can however be easy to forget these natural truths as much of the world is living in unnatural environments saturated with distracting financially obsessed messages. It seems we are expected to sacrifice our inner human to become a perfectly fitting, emotionless, interchangeable piece in a puzzle somebody else created for the benefit of somebody else…wait a sec!?

Thankfully this distracting and un-natural way of life doesn’t actually feel right for a reason and each day we are finding more reasons to listen to our inner human as oppose to the “human” we are expected to be. The game doesn’t need to be played like this and It’s only by accepting it as ‘the way it is’ does it continue. The way in which we can swim to higher ground is to drop focus and attention on the old way and re-focus our attention and actions on the inner human way.

We still have a long way to go if we want to climb out of our own blinding external obsessions as much of the world is drowning in its own misleading messages to keep us quiet, confused, domesticated and afraid but people are slowly feeling the truth bursting through the artificially created game of life. Its no longer about having millions of dollars in the bank, it’s about having a bank account full of love, friends, happiness, personal development and learning, community belonging, good health, challenge, excitement, value, self-worth, trust, respect, happiness, empathy, resources and freedom of time.

It is possible and it all starts with a few who also share the belief and action that we can make the world a more natural, honest and authentic place…Are you with us?

Big Change is Possible


2 thoughts on “Reawakening our inner human

  1. It is also a luxury to stop this routine, to think about what we can really do. Everyone can not afford it. Many simply survive, by external constraints or narrow-mindedness. We are only talking about a luxury that we can afford, we are lucky. I don’t think we have to really fault focus on the “present time” (like the buddhist picture on fb). The present moment is often full of small things, important at the time, but nothing on duration. We must ask ourselves what we really want, what really stay in our memory and soul. This is not who we are which we must think (because yes, we are full of failures and not perfect), but what you want to do, and what we will do, because we can do big things.

    • Yes it’s true we are some of the fortunate few have been given the golden opportunity of time, education, support, internet and numerous other luxuries. How we choose to use that limited golden time is a great question that I think can only be asked if we find a way to disconnect from all of the external noise trying to get us to do/think something else. This moment I think can only be found in the present moment. Once we have this clarity we are able to think and plan for the future with questions like “What is it I can do today that will make a positive difference tomorrow/next week/next month/next year/next century?”

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