24, Tipping point

As I take a moment’s time to reflect on what has happened over the past year it feels like a powerful wave has been rising from beneath. It almost feels as if over the year I’ve been paddling in all sorts of directions, sampling different waves not knowing that something much bigger has been naturally rising from below. I am only now starting to realize the size of this wave and it is filled with a powerful force of unknown magnitude. As I look forward down the edge of my surfboard it feels like I’m at tipping point at the top of the wave.

I have just quit my stable job, a move some might consider scary, unknown and unwise in the moment of economic uncertainty but I do not look at it with the same light. I see this as one of my greatest opportunities. The shackles have been released, the right people are close, my passion is burning, my wings are spread and I am now free to create and share my own wave with the world.

Coming to this way of thinking was no easy task. When I arrived in Spain two years ago I was smashed into the ground with a frightening realisation that I could barely swim on my own. I was surrounded by huge unknown waves crashing down around me. I had next to no understanding of the language, it was a completely new culture, I had no friends, no family, no job and no respect.

I however felt the presence of love from my people even if they were 1000’s of kilometers away, this energy allowed me to keep my head above water. I held on and I watched the waves crash around me; I reached for help, I received help, I experimented, I listened, I learned and I loved. Throughout this process I was building an understanding of my self, my surroundings, what gets me out of bed in the morning, what I can improve and what I can give to the world.

I have to thank my angels for constantly giving me the guidance, support and confidence to believe in my search. My angels are not fairy creatures that can only speak to me on the full moon, they are experienced people who surf their own waves while watching over me with authentic love and support. I come to these people for guidance and consultancy on how I might be able to surf my own wave.

As I look forward into the future I realize this is only the beginning. With this energy we are building together I believe we can spread happiness, hope and trust with the world. So if you like the sound of that I say bring on the future and let’s surf this wave together!


6 thoughts on “24, Tipping point

  1. Love how you use the metaphor of the wave! I sure recognize the feeling of “barely having the head above the surface”.

    Happy to have been surfing with you, mate! Keep it up! ^^

  2. Yes agree, waves make great metaphors. Rivers too. My dream a couple of nights ago was being on a fast moving river on a small boat with no paddle…..whoa? Often have the big wave dream….love being in waves too. Pete, I love hearing about your journey as it unfolds….x x Jo

  3. This elderly grandmother is overawed by your progress and so proud to have another observant, sensitive and willing grandson who is actually out there working for the good of others, and at the same time fulfilling his own dreams for the future. Would that we had dozens of “Peter Sharps” scattered around the world. It WOULD be a better place.

  4. I’m watching a young sapling growing in to a magnificent oak tree that will one day offer shade and dappled light for untold souls to bask in. 0 A very proud uncle.

  5. If only we were all wise enough at any age, but at your young age in particular, to realise the value of those in our lives who have something share, and of our own potential for change, creativity, experimentation and growth – and the ripples created by our own waves of positive energy. I’m with Marie on this one – what a great place the world would be if there were more Pete’s out there. You impart a glimmer of light and a shred of hope, that all just might come right with the world afterall. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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