Coming out of the closet

Some people might shy away from this article simply because of it’s name. The concept of coming out of the closet is still heavily connected with being homosexual but what if we were to say we all had our own closets? Our own inner desires we keep hidden?

Maybe we want to change our job, ask for a raise, move to a new country, change our relationship, tell someone we love them, move out of home etc but the external pressure and fear of the unknown often puts us on hold and freezes us from taking a decision. Due to this fear we often ignore some of life’s most important questions and restrict ourselves from being all that we can be.

This feeling of unease will continue for as long as we continue to run from our inner voices. Taking the time to ask the questions today will help us find the courage to explore our true potential.

Some questions to assist us in understanding our deeper desires are as follows;

Am I all that I can be?
Am I valued for what I do in the day?
Am I happy when I look at myself in the mirror?
Do I feel energised before going to work?
Am I spending my limited time and energy on this earth doing what I am good at?
Am I doing what helps others become better?

These are but a few of the questions that can help point us in the right direction.

If we can share these inner realities with ‘the right person’ we make them real. If it stays in our mind it’s easy to keep tricking ourselves that ‘everything is ok’. Sharing is simply the door at the base of the stairs to personal development. There will be thousands more stairs to climb before we can sit back and feel content with the change.

Many of us keep our inner desires locked away inside our own conscious minds for far too long. Social/family/personal pressure is huge when we contemplate doing or saying something against the grain so we reject the little voice in our head; keep ourselves ‘busy’ and continue to behave in the way the external world expects us to. But deep down beneath all of that, our inner voice is trying to say something. Choose to listen to it and watch your inner and outer world change for the better. We all have closets, inner desires, some of them are related to sexuality most of them are related to life!

So i’d like to ask, have you come out yet?

Don't shush the inner voice

Don’t shush the inner voice


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