I don’t need money, I need love

Social Experiment conducted in a Barcelona Metro at 8:30am in the morning

On Thursday the 28th of February I decided to conduct a social experiment in a long emotionless tunnel connecting two metro lines here in Barcelona. My good friend Mery agreed to wake up at 8am to come down and help take photos for the life changing experience.

I dressed in my finest business clothing, sat down and placed a whiteboard infront of me with the sign “I don’t need money, I need love”. I wanted to present as a ‘successful businessman’ who had fallen to his knees in complete and absolute desperation. He was now at the lowest of low, begging for love from people he didn’t know.

I sat there for 40 minutes imagining myself as a man in this position, each and every person who passed turned their head to the extreme. Some people took photo’s, some people laughed, some people released a shocked sighed but what really caught my attention was none other than one woman stopped. She placed her arm on my shoulder ensuring things were going to be alright. Why her? Why did everyone else keep walking?

I did this because I feel some of the most important human values are deeply miss represented. Cities are covered in billboards, shops, symbols, people and places constantly reminding and encouraging us to spend and make money. None of the adverts are reminding us to show compassion towards people we don’t know. If nobody stands up who’s going to represent and re-enforce one of lifes most vital ingredients…love?

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View the rest of the photo’s here

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