Motivation behind the Good Vibrations project

So what exactly is it that motivates the coordination and energy behind the Good Vibrations Project? Is it just something we do for fun on the weekend? Or is there more behind the experiments than meets the colourful eye? Well if you’d like to find out, here’s an inside look at 4 motivating factors that help move the ship forward.

1. The People
Well first and foremost these experiments are nothing without the people who believe in the idea, these people are vital energy cells that power the concept further. Not only do these people inspire, contribute and participate, these people come together for a shared purpose, to spread happiness…Now when you start gathering people who all believe in that concept you start meeting some pretty amazing people. The cycle continues as more positive, open and loving people connect and spread what they believe in.

Paula Monberg of Denmark commented “my motivation is mainly to be a part of an experience and get in touch with people I otherwise wouldn’t get in touch with..”

Yulia Syresenkova from Russia said “for me, good vibrations is a great opportunity to do something crazy without caring what others will say! To share good vibes and make people smile. And of course, to meet new amazing people with great aspirations and have a good time!”

2. The Positivity
Positivity is an incredibly liberating international language and with each of our experiments we try to create and share free fountain’s of positivity amongst ourselves and the greater community. We attempt to break the restrictive mental shackles of fear imposed by society with positive community vibrations. We hope the people who participate and witness our actions return to their lives feeling energized and happy to share their positive experience with others. When they share the story of what they saw or did they send a vibration of positivity and hope into the world. It is with these good vibrations we aim to liberate the people to love, laugh and live more openly.

Ana Isabella of Venezuela said “it’s just great to see the reactions, it also makes me feel more open and friendly towards everybody”.

Feifei Ma from China said “Anything enriching my life means a lot to me. Life is short, so I hope I can make it as good and colorful as it can be. Another reason is that I’m really happy to pour myself into good vibrations.”

3. The Memories 
These experiments create moments in our lives we can look back on and remember with pride. These memories empower us during the week and we can feel happy slipping back into routine knowing that we did something totally out of the box, memorable and different on the weekend.

Joanna from Cyprus commented; “Well my motivations would be: doing something silly, out of the ordinary and that you can look back and say im so gald i did that. Also it’s an excuse to interact with people in a different way while creating a positive atmosphere.”

Jean Paul of Malta said “My main motivation to come join in on the events is that it gives me a chance to break up the usual boring weekly routine. It also provides me the opportunity to bring out my craziness, whilst meeting loads of other cool like-minded people. Plus … Pete usually hands out free sweets”

4. The Passion
After moving to Spain in 2010 I was given the mental space to sit down and really understand who I was and what it was I could spend my future doing. I was searching for something I could wake up in the morning to and feel great doing, I was searching for something which would involve, connect and empower the people. The Good Vibrations Project is that thing!

So apart from the experiments being unforgettable life memories and a lot of fun, there are powerful forces powering the development of the project and there are no signs of slowing. The Good Vibers are here to bring synergy, energy, trust, respect, love, life, fun and excitement back into the community!

Much more than just fun weekend activities.

Spreading happiness & enjoying life!

One thought on “Motivation behind the Good Vibrations project

  1. 🙂 I just like the fact that we dont even need reasons to share laughter and some good time. You just go out to the street and realise that everybody is ready to share their good energy with you. Amazing.

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