Why the crisis is a golden opportunity for the Youth of Barcelona

I’d like to start out with a mention of respect that I am a foreigner to this land, and that my perspectives and ideas have been formed from a different understanding. The complexities of the current situation in Barcelona, Spain are far greater than what I am able to comprehend. I do however like to draw attention to the fact that I have an ‘outside perspective’. Often in business we can be running up against walls that seem impossible to jump until a friend comes along and shows us a little door at the base of the wall. I will attempt to draw light on that door.

The Situation
When I speak with the local youth I hear numerous intelligent, experienced and loving people feeling disempowered, disappointed, bored and angry waiting for something external to change their current situation. “If only the government could provide more jobs! If only I got better marks at university, If only the immigrants would stop taking our jobs, if only I had more work experience…if only, if only”. It’s this self-defeating attitude that sabotages the excellence and development of ourselves.

The longer we spend our energy, love and intelligence invested in negative or neutral, counter productive activities the further from solving the current situation we get. With each negative or neutral action we take the more difficult we make it for ourselves and the people around us to change things for the better.

So as a burst of fresh light i’d like to propose a way to flip our perspectives to subconsciously empower ourselves and the people around us to explore, dream & discover new opportunities.

The Golden Opportunity
We are young, educated, full of life, in a city filled with inspiration, intelligence and creative international out of the box perspectives. We have been handed more freedom, information, education, support than any of our ancestors ever received. Our parents allow most of us to stay at home for next to nothing(0€) which provides us with our most amazing opportunity to experiment, develop and create what we love!

We are not restricted by jobs sucking our creative energy from us for 8 hours a day. We are handed the golden opportunity of time, freedom, support and education! These are the essential ingredients for trying new ideas, understanding our passions, developing, practicing and giving our own art for free! (art can be anything we love).

What ever it is we are interested in we can start or join a small group of people who come together weekly to take action and share information about it. Staying motivated, focused and inspired in-group’s is much easier than staying motivated by ourselves. Starting small groups of people who come together for shared reasons is an empowering experience, as it will attract like-minded people who will present each other with more opportunities each week. It enables us to have a reason to create our own work experience. We don’t need to wait to get hired; we can take the initiative in starting something we believe in ourselves!

What better thing can we put on our résumés than the fact that we assembled a group of passionate people providing a service free of charge to help our society prosper? Once we start creating instead of waiting, new colourful worlds of opportunities open themselves. When we start doing things for the sake of passion not money, people will happily pay for our services.

So what are we waiting for!?Explore Dream Discover


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