GoodVibers: Funky Walk Flashmob

For most people walking down Las Ramblas on the mild winter Saturday it was just another normal day, little did they know a burst of positive light was on it’s way.

What inspired the experiment might you ask? Well apart from the fact that we are naturally funky people and any excuse to get funky is generally good enough, our reason was simple, we wanted to show the people that it’s ok to express our true selves in public. Much of society holds invisible restrictive barriers on themselves, feeling they need to look ‘normal’ at all times even on Saturdays. This causes there to be a strange subconscious tension in the air and the goodvibers did their best at showing the people it doesn’t have to always be like that.
It begins!

From the moment Get Up by James Brown started to crank from our portable sound system the moving flashmob was in action, each person with their own unique style of funky walk moving down Las Ramblas inviting the public to join. Before long we had a mob of travellers, locals and shop front owners from the area following us with cameras, smiles and curiosity. Funky Walks In action

We passed a bunch of police, they called us over and we thought it was going to be the end! We spoke to them with a smile and a spring in our step, music still blasting at full volume. They asked us to ‘turn it down’ we did so for a couple of seconds then kept strutting our funky magic.Police Party

Next track A little Less Conversation a Little More Action, the perfect track to represent our outlook. We started by coordinating the community into a massive conga line and before long we had a massive snake of people shuffling down las ramblas.


Next phase of the experiment was to change into freestyle dance session where each one of the goodvibers would dance freely and invite the community to join in. Energy levels increased by the second…Then during a quite point in the song we got all the people in the area to get down low until the music exploded out of the speaker and well all jumped with joy and unleashed a shockwave of positivity. Fake snow was blasted by our snow technicians, umbrellas were flapping, people clapping, everyone cheering and riding out the rest of the song on cloud 9.

5 6

As the song finished we came together for a community hug before disappearing in a flash, leaving the people in the area completely stunned, amused, confused and excited. A big thanks to everyone who believed in the idea, it’s people like you who help the world move forward with a smile!

Good vibes definitely spread! Video available here!


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