Connecting ourselves with ourselves

It sounds sort of obvious but isn’t it surprising how easy it can be to forget ourselves in today’s hyper-speed societies? It seems in our whirlwind obsession for maximizing profit, efficiency, entertainment and the use of our attention, finding the time in our day to stop and connect ourselves with ourselves is becoming increasingly difficult.

Friends, tv’s, computers, magazines, mobiles, newspapers, parents, adverts, managers and the like are constantly screaming for our attention, asking us to start, finish, buy, sell, pay, play, study, watch, listen, talk…it never ends. With this overload of external stimuli it’s effortless to get sucked into spending our day doing something for someone else coming home completely exhausted, watching tv/facebook, eating dinner, going to sleep, waking up and doing it all over again. But where do we fit ourselves into this picture?

Finding checkpoints to disconnect from the daily onslaught of distractions gives us a chance to put ourselves back into the picture. Going for a bike ride, meditating, doing yoga, weekend get-aways, walking by ourselves to work, writing in a journal or blog are but some of the many possible opportunities to ask ourselves; Am I happy with how I spend my day? Am I excited to jump out of bed in the morning? Am I surrounded by people who care? Do I care? If not am I taking actions to change my situation for the better?

The sooner we can create the space in our minds to ask ourselves these sorts of questions, the sooner we can start making positive changes towards living the life we love. Without reflection the world will happily absorb our conscious energy until we realise one day down the line that it wasn’t actually our life we lived. With checkpoints we can connect ourselves with ourselves, freeing us from getting totally lost in the attention hungry hyper-societies of stress, distractions, external expectations and forward thinking.

So i’d like to know, what are your checkpoints?


One thought on “Connecting ourselves with ourselves

  1. As you well know the solitude of the mountain of any nature environment is a good spot to check yourself. Good luck my friend. Keep on writing,

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