Questioning Santa

I woke from a dream last night, I was standing in-front of millions yelling from the depth of my heart to focus on the people not the money. Thankfully the people are realizing this for themselves, together we are lifting the veils that have been placed over our eyes for generations. Together we are finding ways to interpret the world around us as it is, not as the way others want us to interpret it. In a way it’s almost as if the world is realising ‘Santa’ isn’t real.

Now who might ‘Santa’ be in this case? We are referring to our leaders, the big companies, the mainstream media, our teachers, our politicians, our parents, our religious leaders. Previously these leaders enjoyed keeping the decision making powers in their hands as they had access to information that we did not.

All of that however is changing, the people are quickly learning that Santa isn’t quite as magical and ‘all knowing’ as he appeared to be. Now the everyday person is gaining access to the same information, resources and opportunities as Santa. The ideas that kept people quiet and thinking the same thoughts are ripping at the seams and are now being questioned for validity.

This works in much the same way if we were the minority in class that thought Santa wasn’t real, even if we had proof we preferred to keep our mouths shut instead of getting crushed by the other kids wanting to keep the dream alive. If however the majority of the class thought Santa wasn’t real then those few still believing in his existence are quickly squashed with relatively little questioning.

We can now do the same with the power of the internet, If we know how to critically interpret the information that Santa hands us purely as guides than we can reap the amazing uniting benefits they can provide our society. It’s when we get completely consumed by the words and ideas expressed by Santa without the ability to question the information is when we become potentially blinded to the truth.

We as a society must now look at ways to further develop this understanding of information. How are we expected to create a better future for our children If we are not given the tools to objectively question the beliefs that have been passed down onto us? It takes serious confidence to question ‘Santa’s existence’ especially when everyone around us believes the same thing but thanks to the internet we have been handed increased ability to think otherwise.

So, It’s totally ok to question Santa’s ‘all mighty word’, if we have a doubt, follow it, research it and find out more through a variety of other sources! Together we can stand up and become responsible for creating a new honest future.

4 thoughts on “Questioning Santa

  1. Interesting. I’ve been thinking along those lines myself. I call it the Benevolent Lie. It seems like it is all lessons to learn with clues and dead ends.

    Here’s my Christmas dream.


  2. I would like to further comment, that if we are feeling that we shouldn’t question our authority because we feel it would be ‘unfaithful or disrespectful’ then think…is it really because we are unfaithful or disrespectful or is it that they do not want us to question their ideas? If they are telling the truth then our questions should only bring greater clarity to their original ideas should it not? Many leaders however use fear to stop us from questioning them…

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