The Business Man vs. The Hiker (Part 7 – A Strike of Good Luck)

I wake up to the sounds of trucks exhaust at 6am and spend NO time ‘sleeping-in’. I jump out of the park i’d stayed in over night and notice a few others who had joined me around the sides… my limited supplies were still in place and I didn’t have time to feel concerned. I write the next city on my sign and try my luck at the same spot I had tried near the police station last night. Two hours of cold emotionless faces pass, I’m not getting out of here like this I think to myself, I need another way out…

As my hopes diminish into dust I remind myself that I will not be controlled by this situation, I will get my self out no matter what. I then decide to change forms of transport paying 5euros to pounce on a local train that takes me to a town into the Italian country side. Gooooooodbye Genova!

Relief washes over as I sit in the brief comfort of paid travel. Wow who would have ever thought how freaking effortless it is to catch a train!? It was at this point my spirits began to raise as I reminded myself that things are going to be ok, I felt free and able to flow with life again.

As I enter the small country town of Torona i’m almost instantly greeted by a happy local farmer selling his produce to the people from a small market. I spot one of the juiciest, most succulent looking peaches i’ve ever seen and ask him how much for one. He hands me the peach and casually says it’s for me. I had just come from a rough night in a cold city and his warm friendly gesture caught me totally off guard, my mind was still in defence mode. I thanked him greatly and enjoyed every last bite.

Have you ever had someone give you something without expectation of receiving anything in return? How did it make you feel? I’d love to hear your stories here.




2 thoughts on “The Business Man vs. The Hiker (Part 7 – A Strike of Good Luck)

  1. How often do we receive a compliment or gift and try to minimise the significance…like we are not worthy…Is that an Australian thing? For the sake of the giver alone lets try to be truly grateful…THANKYOU for thinking of me, THANKYOU for such a thoughtful comment..I really appreciate that you said that! The GIVER deserves all the gratitude in the world and how good we ALL feel to share gratitude,

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