Freedom without structure is it’s own prison

What an amazing and obscure society we live in… we are surrounded in more opportunity, education, security and information than ever before and yet the question many of us ask ourselves when we have free time is ‘What can I do now’? 

Knowing what to do with our free time is no longer as basic and decided as it used to be. No longer are we spending our days searching for food, shelter, and drink. Instead we are left with overdeveloped, prehistorically hardwired brains in fully supported societies in which an abundance of everything done for us leaves a great number of people feeling ‘unsure what to do next’.

Strangely enough we are dealing with an epidemic of intelligent, educated people unsure of what they really want to do with their freedom so they keep ‘busy’. Freedom has been idolised as something we dream of having more of but really many of us are surrounded in it and simply choose not to see it. It is what we do with our freedom that makes the difference. We are the fortunate few who have been given full reign of power to create our own realities but also the aptitude to dwindle our months and years into scattered distractions.

Some of the freedom dwindling symptoms can be found as a general lack of energy for life, being ‘satisfied’ with a job we don’t like, an increased desire to drink and take drugs to excess, mindless surfing of the net, immoderate amounts of sex, constant sleeping-in, eating when we are not hungry etc. Are these really the things we want to be doing with our freedom? Many of us just don’t know…

Without a clear understanding of our strengths and weakness it’s difficult to focus our energy on activities we know will be best suited for our growth and development. Our free time naturally turns into it’s own prison locking us into a state of indecisiveness where we tend to slip back into filling our days with distractions that take our mind off having to think about where our life is going or not.

In order to smash our own prison walls we must first look to understand ourselves, the good and the bad. There are plenty of ways to take us closer to this answer, one is by making a list of our 3 strongest and 2 weakest characteristics. Once we have made the list we can go out and ask our 3 closest friends or family to create a list about ourselves with the same requirements. We can compare this with the list we made of ourselves earlier, this can be an interesting way to see if our external self is inline with our internal self.

Another great way to understand what sort of person we are is to take the myers briggs personaility test, this woman spent more than 30 years of her life, dedicated to researching character types and was able to consolidate the human race into 16 different character types. Try it here

Once we have a solid understanding of ourselves we can start thinking how to create a reality that maximizes our strengths and protects our weaknesses. I have my personal self analysis that i’m constantly looking at ways to maximise. If you would like to see it i’d be more than happy to share it with you. Just send me a message.

Discovering and developing ourselves is like a constantly evolving artwork, once we have set up, streamlined and designed our personalised freedom it’s all about tweaking the system and staying open to new opportunities. Establish a green open field of exciting, empowering, liberating, creative and rewarding elements in your week and there will be no looking back.


3 thoughts on “Freedom without structure is it’s own prison

  1. I agree that with all of these stimuli and choices in our lives, we can easily lose focus of what we really value. That’s why I took up a minimalist lifestyle in the last 4 months, donating 90% of my physical possessions and focusing on what’s really important. It feels great having just what I need in life.

    • Chris how brave, and no doubt liberating, letting go of attachment to all the useless physical things we accumulate to make meaning of life…a great opportunity to get in touch with your Self..Love it!

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