Brothers wise words.

My brother kindly flipped my world and stomped on it with some wisdom the other day whilst climbing Table Mountain together in Cape Town. His words connected with how I had recently been running around in search of some humanistic truths that are free of bias and pure to all human beings.

What he helped me realize was that nothing is certain, no one perspective is the one correct perspective, each and everyone’s realities are formed by the sum of their life experience and this therefor warps each and everyone’s interpretation of the same information. We may feel that one form of information is correct, but that’s simply because it connects with us personally not everyone in the room.

I was aware of this idea but never really stopped to stare it in the eyes like I did that day. This concept expanded my interpretation of the world so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to apply my learning’s to this blog. When I write I try to write for you, the reader, but at the same time this blog is a blank canvas for self-expression and exploration of my perspectives. I do not believe the ideas are the right ideas for everyone, as everyone’s realities differ. I interpret the world through my own eyes and try to put questions forward I think others might be interested in asking.

Succumbing to the belief that something is the ultimate answer shadows our world of new thinking. Concepts are in constant evolution and we continue to learn new things about the human race daily… if we are open to it.

Brother schooling me

Brother schooling me


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