The Business Man vs. The Hiker (Part 6 – Darkness Falls)

After looking like a confused drunken tourist running between connecting local bus stops I finally end up at exactly the same bus stop I got off at! Before long i’m back on the road and on my way to Genova, the ugliest city I was yet to have seen.

The streets are lined with black dirt, the buildings are crumbling, the town smells of pollution, peoples heads are down and the sun is setting…Shit! This is not a city I want to spend my honeymoon in. I do some asking around as to where the closest petrol station exiting the town would be and am welcomed by two massive roadblocks.

1. Hitchhiking is completely illegal in Italy so they put massive NO AUTOSTOP signs at the entry to every highway in Italy.

2. The only exit road out of Genova is right next to a police station.

Trying to hitch by a sign that says no hitching is a bit of an oxymoron. I’m not liking these odds! Hunger strikes and I decide to buy a cheap burger from the petrol station and charge my phone at an external power socket whilst waiting for a new idea to come to mind. As I look around the crisis stricken concrete jungle my spirits plummet. I’m exhausted, I have no place to sleep, nobody knows who or where I am, I do not speak the language, I do not feel safe and darkness has fallen. I’m not in the right state of mind to continue and decide it’s best to try find a place to crash for the night.

After passing a few gangs hanging out on the corner I find a space ironically right behind the Hilton hotel. I inspect the area only to find traces of other’s who have recently lived in the area. I was far from in the mood for waking up with a few Italian homeless staring down at me like little red-headed riding hood sleeping in their spot. After an hour n a half of further searching I choose a locked up park, decide if I need to jump the fence to get in it’s going to reduce the chance of people just stumbling across me in the night. I inspect the entire park ground to ensure the space is secure and unlikely to have visitors in the night.

I tuck myself away behind a bush and passout to the sounds of trucks driving by the emotionless highway. It’s been an unsuccessful day today, I am falling behind schedule, tomorrow I get out of here no matter what…

Rough Night in Genova

Rough Night in Genova



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