The Business Man vs. The Hiker (Part 5 – Italian Beauty)

After getting dropped at a secluded Italian holiday beach town by the name of Savona,  I explore the cozy coastline for a few hours only to stumble across a locals bus stop that’s expected to take me to the next town of Genova. As I sit there soaking up the warm summers breeze a female approaches from the corner of my world.

Like a scene from a movie, boy meets girl waiting for the bus. The sun races across her olive skin outlining her beach body with a blissful glow. Like kids meeting for the first time, we are intrigued, often catching one looking at the other. A playful back and forth goes between the two of us as we pretend not to be interested.

We can’t speak a word of the same language but from what was in the air, it was enough to feel curious. I could feel a magnetic pull pulling us together even in the silence. We wait in the heat together, first sympathizing over the excessive country town bus wait, then by exchanging games like thumb wars and knouts and crosses.

We laugh together, smile together and simply enjoy each other’s presence together. It was so nice to play without the need for words. This lead me to believe that much of verbal human interaction is often a distraction, the words we fill our conscious minds with sends us in all sorts of different directions.

Have you ever felt powerfully interested in someone you’ve never met before?





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