The Business Man vs. The Hiker (Part 4 – Mr. Excessive & The Police)

After spending a night with Laurence in Cannes I wake up at the crack of dawn and get on my way to the a4 highway. Today i’ll be kicking off with the suit as i’m almost certain the people coming out of the city of Cannes are going to be a tough crowd.

I find the onramp and after an abnormally large number of Mercedes benzes, BMW’s and Porches pass by, within 30 minutes i’ve got a fellow companion pulling over. Hard electro pumps from his headphones as he leans over to ask where i’m going. I tell him of the next city and he say’s i’m cool to jump in. It’s 9am and this guy is freaking buzzing with life! I start to doubt my safety a little as I question in my mind if he has had any sleep from the night before or if it’s just his character to be so excited and full of energy. We exchange some friendly conversation about life in the ‘excessive city’ of Cannes and he drops me at the next city of Nice.

We swap details and his wheels screech away as I am left on the corner of a major highway, not a great place to hitch I think to myself but I try my luck for 20 minutes. Before long i’ve got police lights flashing as they skid to a halt by my hitch zone. They approach with haste and aggression, my mind starts to spiral with the thought of me spending the night in a French jail cell but I calm my self knowing I can pull the ‘i’m not from around here’ card.

Officer: “What are you doing!?”
Me: “I’m hitch hiking to Croatia”
Officer: “Croatia? Well do you know it’s illegal to hitch on this highway?”
Me: “Ohhh what!? I didn’t know that”
Officer: “Do you know how dangerous it is to hitch in this location? Your a distraction to the drivers!”
Me: “Now that you say it yes I can see it as a distraction, i’m sorry i’m not from here”
Officer: “where are you from?”
Me: “Australia”
Officer: “Australia!?” Their eyes widen
Officer: “How long did it take you to hitch here from Australia!?” They chuckle
Me: “I’m currently living in Barcelona, I’ve come from there”
Officer 2: “Oh ok now listen, you can’t hitch here…we know of a spot that’s much safer just on the other side of town, we will take you there now.”

They put my stuff in the back of their police car and kindly drive me to the other side of town asking me all sorts of questions about life in Australia. They drop me next to the onramp of a local highway by a tree. I grab a quick picture, shake their hands and wave them good bye. Now i’m in the sort of perfect hitching position that’s sure to get me a ride in minutes! There’s even a small bay for cars to pull over…

1 hour passes, nothing. The police drive past a second time announcing over the police speaker. “Hello Australia, do not give up! your doing great!”. I laugh and exchange a wave. 2 hours pass, still nothing. The police drive past a third time, this time pulling over and one of the officers runs out with a piece of paper. It’s got the next town written on it with a big smiley face.
3 hours pass, still nothing. At this point my spirits had dropped. I was tired after a full morning and had a moments thought. I could one become distressed and uneasy in the thought that no-one had come to pick me up…or I could sleep. I choose the later.

An hour later I wake up to the sight of a car perfectly parked in the parking bay…Angel possibly? I approach this man who appears to just be sitting there and ask If he’s going in the direction of Italy. He answers yes, I then ask him if I can roll with him. He contemplates a second and says ok.

Have you ever stressed over a situation you thought would be a problem that somehow turned to work itself out nicely without stress? 

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